Drawing Instructions

First make a canvous that is 8.5 x 11in

If you dont have the ruler turned on, then you will need to check it.

You can do this by going to view/rulers/show rulers.

Starting the drawing you frist want to get the eclips tool, it should be where the rectangle tool is.

Once you have that you should put your mouse at a inch and a half and drag down till the circle is a inch in diamitor.

Next draw a line with the pencil tool straight down that goes down 1 inch.

Lastly draw another line again with the pencil tool extending diagnoly a half an inch away from the circle and the line.

Now you should have a terrible looking character that wasnt fininshed in 2mins cuz I was messing up a lot and hardly got anything done, and what I got done is still not good, but hopefully yours looks better then mine.

Once done upload the file to matt_whitcomb@yahoo.com

  • Mine
  • First persons
  • Second persons